Calendar object "From Date is not a valid date"

Trying to recreate the calendar from showroom - Use Cases.
Have also read this Calendar data sources - Appfarm Documentation

I’m getting a warning “From Date is not a valid date”. This error makes it so that the calendar does not show (since it as invalid From)

See below for images of my solution:



Also here is an image showing from my solution, where I show both the app-variable in text, and a text where I do the exact same formatting (Value Processor)


You may ignore that warning message in the log (we’ll try to get it removed from the log automatically for such cases).

It occurs because app data (the calendar data source) is evaluated initially before the app variable is assigned a value, and then correctly populated/evaluated again when that app variable is assigned a value.

In other words, I do not believe that error message is the reason, if you have a case where that calendar data source is not populated. If that is the case: what is the value processor for the calendar from and to date, and what is the value of the App variable(s)?

Sorry my bad, I just saw the warning and assumed the data source was not populated. I have checked and it is populated, so there is some other reason why it doesnt show. I will troubleshoot some more

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