Cannot open coded component


I am trying to open the script for a coded component but Appfarm Create crashes. It works for one of the coded components we have, which is the smallest. Here are some screenshots:

Hello Martin,

We have found a bug regarding the use of enum data sources in Coded Component.
When imported as a function param, the Coded Component will crash when opening.

Do you use an enum data source in your code?

The Dev team is working on a fix now. I will keep you updated on any progress.
Have a nice day :blush:


Hello again Martin,

A new version, 102-0-33 is now available and will be automatically applied to your dev envirnoment. It contains a fix for Coded Component.
Does the issue still persist?


Hi Erik,

It looks like it works now. Thank you!

And yes, we are using enums in the coded component.


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