Content overlapping in canvas

We have an issue where it seems containers do not take up enough space in the canvas view and pushes content to overlap. This limits legibility when looking for components. It appears this is an issue with the canvas view as it sorts itself out whenever you zoom out (pretty far out, honestly) in the browser window. What could cause this?


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Could this maybe be fixed by setting the sizing property to those components to “No Shrink”? Assuming this because it behaved the same in the client (before zooming out). If that doesn’t fix it - feel free to add some screenshots of the build of the view and styling properties of one of these components that are “compressed” and we’ll take a closer look at it:)


Setting the components to “no shrink” fixes this. Thanks! :blush:

Before I used to resort to display block in a parent container i lists like these, but then you don’t get “gap”. Would be nice if it weren’t necessary to add “no shrink” to every component, but I guess it’s still more standardized than having margins on every component and a block parent. I understand if this is just how it must function :blush: