Could we have app variables on views/dialogs?

App variables are useful, but the list becomes long and messy when the app complexity increases. Often I find myself creating a new app variable simply to control the logic going on in a view or dialogue. To prevent the list from growing too big, I try to reuse some variables across views. That in turn might lead to other problems.

What I would like to see is a feature that would allow me to store some App variables directly on the views themselves.

Out of curiosity.
Have you considered binding logic flow variables to the runtime object in context in dialogs at least?
Of course it works best with Cardinality one, but I find that approach useful to sort runtime variables.
Based on what I remember from Developalooza I can understand that the complexity might still make the app cluttered :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be useful to have a single runtime attribute attached to an cardinality many source? That would enable the structuring of App variables in the data context they are used. Possibly a problem with updating them with the built in action node though.

Hi @lbj

I can relate to the problem. However, if local variables on views/dialog is a good solution or not (from a “layered architecture perspective”) is yet to be discussed internally.

Many of the use cases can be resolved by adding runtime properties to objects in context, but there are use cases where you don’t have an object in context. For example, in reusable dialogues that are used to display lists and are called from various other forms. In that case, it would be nice to keep track on the calling view and other context related info from the dialogue itself. I use App variables for this today, but the variable list is becoming very long :slight_smile:

I see, so you are using the same dialog to display lists of different object classes? Thanks for the idea, i have so far just used one dialog per object class/context or parent child relations. :slight_smile:

@kristian if app variables on views/dialogs would not be suited due to “layered architecture perspective”. Maybe a possibility of connecting an appvariable to a datasource could be a nice solution? After referencing a datasource on app variables, the list get sorted into non referenced and by reference. It would not solve reusable dialog of multiple datasources, but it would help in many other cases I think :slight_smile:

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Have you had a chance to discuss this further?

For instance, could components within a view be allowed to bind to action parameters for actions used in the same view?

My App Variables list is becoming painfully cluttered with parameters used for everything from UI state management to simple checkboxes for user input. Currently, there’s no mechanism for organizing these variables, and any attempt to reuse variables across views often results in unwanted issues.

Stay tuned! A new component is (very) soon to be announced related to this.