Customize a Select´s dropdown

Hi, I want to customize the dropdown from the Select UI component.

I wish to limit the number of rows showing in the dropdown. Because I have 100 machines that I want to be searchable in the select. But, I only want to show max 5-7 machines at the time for the user. As well as the color of the dropdown to white.

Is this possible? I am struggling to find any simple features to solve this.

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Hi Sinan,

It is not possible to configure the built-in UI component to limit the number of results or edit the color, at the current moment.

The color part is already registered as a feature request. Currently, the background color will match the color that you have selected as “Paper” in Themes, so you can consider changing this to white (which is the default).

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The “limit result” setting should be an option, and I will register this as a feature request. However, the workaround is to use a text edit and a container/popover for the droplist instead, and display a repeating list of machines filtered on the text in the text input.

Hope this helps!

Thank you @isabelslorer. I have another question regarding the Select. I want to a filter to be enabled when the Select is pressed, but does not contain text yet (autocomplete activated; so it has a search bar in it).

The use case is that when the user press the select, I want the select to only show suggested machines. I know how the filter should work, but I am struggling to enable it. With text edits it is easier, because we can check if the user has pressed the text edit and if it is empty. But I am struggling to check this for select.

We are trying to use the Select as much as possible because we must iterate through a lot of machines, making the search very slow. Select solves this.



“On focus” is not a built-in feature in the Select component, but you can for instance place a container around the Select UI component and set a boolean variable to true when you click it.

Hope this solves your problem!

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