🎉 Documentation update

Hi everyone, today we’re launching a significant update to the Appfarm documentation to make it a whole lot easier to find an answer to your question. Here’s what’s changed:

  1. There’s a new URL: https://docs.appfarm.io.
  2. The site is now public - no login is required.
  3. The content has been restructured and refreshed.

The structure is now more aligned with the type of information you’re looking for across distinct sections:

  • Getting started: For people new to Appfarm and looking for a walkthrough of the platform.
  • Appcademy: Foundational, comprehensive tutorials for learning how to use Appfarm Create.
  • Library: UI component and action node descriptions
  • Reference: Descriptions of features and properties, and how to use them correctly.
  • How to: Step-by-step guides to solving specific problems, for users with some experience.
  • Solution administration: How to manage a solution, including billing and support. (This one is coming soon).
  • Policies: Important info about how both Appfarm and our users will act.

These changes will make it easier for us to add new and better content moving forward. We will keep working hard on updates and in particular, we’ll polish and expand the how-to guides and add more videos. If you have any feedback or questions, please drop them in this channel!