Duplicating an object class created 2 ID columns in the new class

This must be a bug. I can’t delete built in columns and there should only be one.
Ill just delete the class and make it manually from scratch, i.e this is not very urgent for us to fix asap.
More for info.


Was this object class created before December 2023?

We had this issue fixed in Create version 100 released November 30th, so interesting to know if there is still a possibility for this to happen.

One can never be 100 % sure, but I would say I am 90 % sure that it was created before December 2023.
It is a class called Report Image it was copied from.
Olav has access so he could try to duplicate this class and give the duplication the name Report Image Test Appfarm to see if ID column is created 2 times or similar :blush::blush: