Embed Appfarm solution in external solutions

Hello fellow Appfarmers :wave:

Is there a way to embed an Appfarm solution to external solutions?
We would like to achieve this by embeding using script tags, rather than the use of iframe.
The way Jotform.com does this is a good example of what we want to achieve.



Per now, it is only possible to embed unauthenticated apps in iframe. It is sadly not possible to do so by using script tags.

Have a nice day!

Hello @Shahitha,
Is this feature planned on the roadmap or is it kind of a “security” limitation ?

Are there any workaround possible?

Hi Jérémy!

Shahitha is unavailable at the moment, but let me step in to give you some feedback:

We are per today not sure what is needed to make authenticated apps work in an iframe, since we do not have it on our roadmap yet, and have limited capacity to research these concepts and try out the possibilities at the moment. But, we will create an internal challenge on this, and we will keep you posted on the progress after it is considered and potentially taken up.

Embedded without iframe we have no concept for either, and we doubt that this is something that is a simple task. To make any of these work would probably be a pretty big change to fundamental functionality in Appfarm, so, it is not a “security” thing (although it can turn out to be that too), but more of an engineering effort thing.

Therefore, we can unfortunately not promise anything for now, but will keep you posted on the progress here.

Have a great day ahead!