Error with Custom font in Theme


When creating a new theme with custom font - The app is not showing colors from the theme, see examples below:

Custom font setup in a theme:

View in appfarm create:

App in browser:

When custom font is removed:

Hi @Preben ,

I have tried to reproduce the issue with the custom font and theme colors, but did not encounter the same problem. Could you check if this happens with other custom fonts as well?

Hi, Seems like it is only a problem with the Font i need to use.

Are you able to try to reproduce the issue with my font? Send me a private mesage and I’ll send it to you


It appears that the problem lies in the presence of an apostrophe (') in the font family name. If you remove it from the font family before uploading, the error won’t occur. I’ve initiated a challenge to address this issue. In the meantime, I suggest utilizing the workaround until we’ve resolved it.

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Great, that is an easy work around , thanks :slight_smile: