Extracting data

In my application, I want to generate a report (pdf or csv) of the data that’s filled into the application. The data is stored in multiple data sources (object classes). I have explored using a table for the output, but to the best of my knowledge, it only allows for one data source. Also, I explored the “Generate PDF” in the Showroom, but looking at the extensive code behind this option is not feasible for me. So, to my question, is there a more convenient way to extract a report of the data from my application?

Hei! Can you please describe more detailed what you want to export? Maybe with an example? If you have only some columns from other datasources to merge with the “main” datasource, then you could for example add them as runtime properties with functions and then export the rows from the “main” datasource as you explained via the table or the action node “export data”. You can find here more information to functions here: https://docs.appfarm.io/reference/platform-concepts/functions#advanced-functions
And here you find more information about the action node “export data”: https://docs.appfarm.io/library/action-nodes/export-data