Filtering visibility group / other components on 0 iterations in repeating container

Is there by any chance a smart way to identify if a repeating container has any iterations for components outside the iterator?

I often have the need to hide a container/use visibility group if there is no items to show, but I would like to avoid trying to replicate the filter for the repeating container as this require more maintance later if filters needs to be updated

Typically I have a header before a repeating container that can not use the iterator count context variable that the repeating container itself can use.


You can’t access info about another UI element directly, but maybe a setup like this could work, depending on your use case?


The iterating container has 2 containers - one that is always visible for the content, and one that is only visible on the first iteration for the header.

Edit: I see now that you specifically need the header outside. What about making an app variable with a function that calculates the visibility as a boolean value?

Thanks for the tip. This is the only way as I can see it to have headers etc inside the repeating container and use the first iteration.

But it would be great to be able to set a variable to be updated e.g. with the number of repeating elements in a container - so that the visibility also could be used other places without repeating the filter

Sounds like a cool idea. I’ve created a feature request for this functionality :slightly_smiling_face:

// Erik

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