Gantt Chart does not refresh when deleting predecessor and sort not active

Hi Appfarm,

For the solution “Jerouville” we are using Gantt Charts binded to runtime data.

It seems like deleting a predecessor, the link between the child task and the parent task is still visible although removed for the data.

It also seems like when adding a new row, with sort on row number does not work, the row is added at the end of the table although it should be right below the next one.

FYI, we are facing too many complications with our customer regarding the Gantt so we are thinking about transitionning to this which seems really nice (for a future Appfarm Gantt?^^): Bryntum Gantt - Examples



We’re on to this one (challenge registered, and this one is being targeted).


When it comes to the sorting, if you want an active sorting of your chart you should enable the “Dynamic Sorting” property on your Gantt. It’s a new functionality that will make sure to automatically adjust the sorting of your chart.

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Hi Lea,

Thanks dynamic sorting seems to solve the sorting issue but it triggers another one when I try to create a new row (a task).

The dynamic sorting is set on the order number which is set a the task creation:

But it seems like when dynamic sorting is set, it triggers an error (crashes the app) and say order field is undefined although set at creation step.

But don’t worry too much on this, we will probably move on to another solution for the Gantt chart because the customer comes from MS Project and complains a lot about the one we created.

Hi Antoine!

The fact that the app crashes when adding a new element in Gantt is definitely a bug. We have added it to our backlog. Thank you for reporting it :slight_smile:

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