Missing file content URL in client object

I’m storing some images in a File Object Class, and when I fetch the data using the graphql explorer I see that the file has a File Content URL:

data from GrahphQL

But when loading the same object in my app, the File Content URL field is empty

data from app


Any ideas where I am going wrong? The file is marked as public

Hi @oyvind.byhring,

Could the issue be related to the file not being used in your app, as outlined here: Appfarm Documentation? To double-check, could you try incorporating the file into your app and test again?


Thanks Simona, I wasn’t aware of that behavior :slight_smile:

That brings me closer, but not to the goal unfortunately.

I’ve got the same File Object read into a single cardinality Database Connected source and Runtime Only source.

If I link these up to an Image component, only the Database Connected source seems to get a content URL:



@oyvind.byhring and I were unable to replicate the reported issue within the solution. It is now functioning as expected.