Old code crashing in release 103-0-25


we pushed versjon 103-0-25 during the night and this morning a Create action node crashes.
I am quite sure the source is located here:

Which indicates this function:

Both attributes in the function is confirmed to have value.
We have rolled back and it works again.

So the question is what is new in this version and how do i fix the function? :slight_smile:

Hello Sondre,

Are you able to recreate this in Dev as well? :slightly_smiling_face:


The screenshots are from test, and i was able to trigger it in dev as well now, how come?

I can send you a payload and add you in the environment if you want to recreate it :slight_smile:

Thank you.

It was just to verify that this happens in other envs that are on 103-0-25.

However I am not sure if the two screenshots are from the same function. The error refers to a no-braces single if/else statement that is located in the action: “Ordre fra Initio”.

Are you sure that the error is for the same function?

Hm maybe not, ill just post some screenshots of my reasoning, as i think i understand what you mean but don’t seem to get i to quit fit.
The location of the error is assumed to be here

This action node has 2 functions containing productId


Neither seems to fit your description. Using references on the property “productId” that it is only in use in the 2 functions above, and as such must be the source of the warning?

If there are others facing the same issue, a patch for this bug is in the works.

The bug occurs when deleted properties with data bindings somehow bypass the reference checker and throw errors instead of being handled. If you believe you’re experiencing this in your actions, try recreating the buggy nodes without duplicating them (as duplicating them will also duplicate the bugged data binding). This is most likely accompanied by the error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'dataType') or the error that Sondre posted above.

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