Persist of a File Object Class in Services with attributes but no file content -> Nothing seems to happen

As described in the headline and shown in the picture. The persist seems to run without issue in the service log but the created object is not shown in a db connected read all table with all attributes called.


It that object class “Endringslogg ONE” a File Object Class? In that case, the error is that it should not be allowed to be created using “Create Objects” - only with “Create File Object”. I’m registering a challenge on that now.

I’ve also verified that Persist on File Object Classes that has been created using “Create Objects” works in Apps, but not in Services (reports everything OK, but nothing is saved).

If that is the case (Endringslogg ONE being a File Object Class) - Can you try to create it using the Create File Object instead?

Yes that is the case, and this is with create file object:

We are of course going to swap it with a regular object class btw :slight_smile: