Release Notes 100

Did you miss trick or treat a few weeks back? Do not worry. This release is packed with treats for our developers!

Before diving into the summary and details, you may have noticed that we have skipped a few numbers in our versioning number sequence. As part of a gradual shift towards more frequent releases and updates, we are also changing our versioning, starting from 100.

Where did I use that…

A much requested feature has finally arrived: Find usage. Your may right-click any Action Node or UI Component from the library to see where it is used - both inside the App / Service, or globally. Read more here.

Box-fresh function editor

A totally new Function Editor with many new features: New and improved code editor, find and replace, search app data, and a breadcrumb in the header. See updated documentation here.

GraphQL gets crunchy

Number crunching just got a lot more efficient. You may now aggregate and group data with GraphQL. And the best part? It is easy to use from inside Apps as well. Read more about aggregating data and using GraphQL from Apps here.

Hello and goodbye

Introducing two new app-level event handlers On Visible and On Hidden, allowing you to take action when the app goes inactive or active! Read more here.

What’s New

  • Create: Find usage on Action Nodes and Components (#2419)
  • GraphQL: Better support for Rich Text properties (#2541)
  • Implement duration datatype (#2559)
  • Function Editor: Implement search in Data Source list (#2787)
  • Users page in Create: Add table filtering (#3291)
  • GraphQL: Implement support for performing aggregations (#3341)
  • App: Implement sleep event handlers On Visible and On Hidden (#3642)
  • GraphQL: Expose “OC-stats” as GraphQL endpoints (#3673)
  • Deploy page in Create: Support more detailed diffs of models in current and next environment (#3705)
  • Update User Account: Databinding on Add Roles / Remove Roles (#3830)


  • Gantt Chart: Improve visualization of selected objects with a dark colour (#1976)
  • Function Editor: Self Properties should display all properties (#2342)
  • Coded Component: Auto-complete / intellisense in script content (#2411)
  • Resource Files in Create: Enable file upload on drop (#3525)
  • Read Objects: Operation Add (replace duplicates) is actually Add (merge duplicates) (except for Read Objects in Services) (#3627)
  • Create User Account with Override Welcome Mail: Allow databound Body Text Template and Body HTML Template (#3689)
  • Rename On View Load to On View Loaded and implement On View Load for View and Dialog (#3714)
  • Reference Finder: Duplicate keys makes references from previous search still visible (#3771)
  • Dev Tools: Show reference data for reference datasources similar as is done for generated datasources (#3777)
  • Import Data: Handle that URL might not be defined (#3796)
  • Web Request: Mapping Property for update existing: Allow Integer and Enum (#3805)
  • Full screen Image preview should close when clicking outside of the image or Esc button (#3820)
  • Set Decimal Value for Data Labels in Advanced Charts (#3847)
  • Enum Dictionary: Not translated when changing language (#3858)
  • App Data: Keep filter when changing cardinality (#3889)

Bug Fixes

  • DevTools: When performing a search in the debugger with a dialog open, the search button doesn’t work (#3109)
  • Create Object, Update Object, Duplicate Object: Implement simple cast to string if propertyvalue returns number (#3659)
  • Create DataModel: if Enum or OC is deleted in one instance of Create, while selected in another instance, Create crashes (#3674)
  • Speed Dial options are placed upon each other when using Tooltip Open (if the tooltip consists of multiple words) (#3680)
  • Drag & Drop: Detect and notify if a draggable container is not in a droppable container (#3725)
  • Map: Popover with number values does not work (#3734)
  • Advanced Charts: Color gradient doesn’t work (#3755)
  • Create File Object: Accept newer Microsoft Office files correctly (spreadsheets, documents and presentations) (#3767)
  • Dev Tools: Grouping of logs when linear logs exist does not work properly (#3775)
  • Find References: When clicking a reference, it opens ‘View’ and not the component it references (#3782)
  • Resource Files: When uploading a resource file from component, “OK” button is enabled without the resource file being selected (#3783)
  • UiSelect & UiMultiSelect with autocomplete: Display labels using numbers crashes the client (#3790)
  • Function Param of type Enumerated Type Dictionary is empty if this is the only use of the Enum in an App (#3797)
  • Read Objects: Is Selected/Is Not Selected are not set when using operation “Add To DataSource” (#3828)
  • Data Source Filter: Built-in Today does not consider client timezone (#3831)
  • Scoped Data Model: Scoped object classes are not available as reference datatypes in app variables or datasource properties (#3855)
  • Duplicating an object class several times leads to duplicate collectionNames (#3857)
  • Data Sources with Cardinality One and Sorting: Server-evaluated databindings / datavalues do not consider Sorting (#3860)
  • App Health: Reference finder does not register use in Result mappings (#3881)
  • File with Norwegian characters in the file name eventually becomes undownloadable (#3927)
  • Undefined header text in change log details (#3942)
  • Create: Paste of app into same solution crashes create because app theme does not exist (#3991)
  • Service: Function parameters: Secret displays incorrect / not updating (#3993)
  • Services: E-mail settings sporadically not available / fetched (#4001)
  • Function Edit: Not allowed to clear an empty function value (#4032)
  • Advanced Bar Chart: Setting polar and 3d to true crashes Create and client (#4112)
  • Services: Secrets sporadically not available / fetched (#4158)