Release Notes 22.5

We are excited to announce the beta launch of Farmer’s Market – a resource containing pre-built apps, themes, and custom UI components that you can add directly to your solution and apps!

Each item has been designed and built by our own Appfarm solution engineers and is based on years of experience making apps in Appfarm Create. Once an item is added to your solution from Farmer’s Market, it is fully customizable.

You can open and browse Farmer’s Market from:

  • The Rocket menu
  • AppsNew App
  • ThemesBrowse Market
  • UI ComponentsBrowse Market

Check it out and let us know what you think – we’ll be constantly adding new content and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

What’s New

  • Support for creating PDFs in runtime data sources (#2883)
  • Open Snackbar: Add a Notify Only parameter (#2929)
  • Run Service: Allow for ‘Update single cardinality object’ in Result Data Source Mapping (#2943)
  • Make built-in properties available in GraphQL query filters (#2964)
  • Make it possible to sort on built-in properties in GraphQL queries (#2965)


  • Slider: Minor improvements to make previous value available as context parameter for event handler On Value Change (#2861)
  • Import Data: Restrict File Explorer to file type .csv (as default) (#2916)
  • Create: first cut including ValueProcessors in DataValue displays (#2921)
  • Services: Improvement of function evaluation timeout restrictions (FunctionEvalTimeoutError) (#2925)
  • Service logs: Warn if user tries to read data without having the necessary permissions (#2963)
  • Include app theme when copying apps between solutions (#3063)
  • Support multi-enum in JSON mapper (used in web requests and more) (#3188)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Not all icons are displayed (#2751)
  • Sequential deploy will not deploy the correct model on environment n+1 (#2869)
  • Table: Icon color on adornments doesn’t update when clearing value in Create (#2923)
  • Web request: Query param with value undefined should be skipped when generating the url (#2938)
  • Login Config: Background image and logo not loaded (404 error) for new resource files (#2956)
  • Content Security under Environment: Items lacking value crash and cause resource files to not be loaded (#2957)
  • Newly/partly set up Combined Charts make the client fail with error ‘TypeError: d.forEach is not a function’ (#2959)
  • Value Processor: Subtract has incorrect icon (#2961)
  • Uploaded file with custom name in runtime data source cannot be opened / downloaded using the Open Url action node (#2973)
  • Value Processor for function values: Improve naming and sorting of operations (#2978)
  • Data Connector: Create object fails if data source has filter (#2992)
  • Object State is not transferred when reading from another runtime datasource (#2995)
  • When a public app is iframed the login screen is displayed (#3241)