Send email to multiple recipients - how to use recipient name in the email body?


I am using the send email action node with multiple recipient parameter. In the email body i would like to use the recipient name, to write something like ‘Hi #NAME#’.
Data source that i’m using for the list of recipients has properties name and email.
I have tried to use in the function for email body content, but it is empty, i have tried to use Recipients object (object in context), but it is null.

Thank you

Hi! Are you using a Foreach over the send email action? It should work if you first iterate the recipients datasource with a Foreach action node, and then inside the iteration use the Send email action node. You can then use the on the object in context.

Hi @Simona
No, i am using ‘send to multiple recipients’ property of the send email action node. I know that i can use for each and it will work then, but i am curious if i can access name/email in the body that are provided in the parameters when using ‘send to multiple recipients’.

Hi, unfortunately, this is not possible.