Show data-sources with violated uniqueness rules in App health

Having “invalid” data in production can lead to a whole range of wicked problems. I recently discovered that I must have added “Unique” under Data validation in my data model at a later stage of development without checking that the current data contained data that complied with the new rule.
I noticed the problem when I read data to a runtime data source and later wanted to persist the same set. Appfarm then returned an error message that the data violated the uniqueness rule. This happened because the runtime data-source contained data that was created before I ticked of “unique” and didn’t comply with the new rule.

It would be very nice if App health could discover uniqueness violations in data and warn me, so I can clean up the mess and avoid these kinds of silly problems.


Validating production data automatically based on changes done in Appfarm Create Data Model in general is a feature that may be part of a potential new concept (and maybe not App Health, which is more focused on the Application setup and not data health). But I agree on that this would be ideal.

We have a “Data manager” concept first on the todo list, enabling Dev read and manipulation in a simple way. As part of this, additional features and checks towards data may be introduced as well, but the scope has not yet been confluded. We are adding this wish to that discussion!