Show full text when hovering truncated text

I am using “No wrap” on text to truncate text. However, I want to let the user see the full text when hovering over the truncated text.

My first thought was to use Tooltip. This looks nice, but the problem is that I do not want the tooltip to show on text that is not truncated. So, does anyone have a nice fix to this problem? Only show tooltip for truncated text.

I was thinking about creating the tooltip with a function. But it becomes quite complex to calculate and determine whether or not a text is truncated.

Anyone has a nice fix for this? :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing your feedback to community.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to show the full text for truncated text on click/hover.
The problem with using a function for calculating if the text is truncated or not, is that different characters use different amount of space. The text field might also be given more or less size depending on the screen size / zoom.

However I have made a ticket interally requesting this feature.

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