Slider with min max broken in latest update

We use Sliders with a min and max value (0-5).

After latest appfarm update, we get an offset to the right, so clicking the slider does not work anymore.

It is easily reproducible, just create a slider with min 0 and max 5 and it will… not work.
I have shared a video from our environment with our appfarm representative.

This is a critical issue for our client.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hello Johan,

Thank you for reporting this bug to the community. The Dev team is aware of a bug regarding newly created sliders with constant min/max/step values.

A fix is being worked on, but in the meantime it is possible to use a function to return the desired min/max/step values. Does this workaround work for you?


The workaround solves the bug of the slider not working at all.

However, I am facing a different issue where the mouse pointer is not “hitting” correctly on the slider. E.g. If I click on the slider, the click is registered far to the left. Which makes it impossible to set the slider to the max value…

I found the cause of my issue, it was a run code to set the zoom lower, which apparently has this nasty side effect.

With the workaround you suggested everything now works again. Thanks for the help.

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