Text Edit - Number changes value with arrow key presses

We have several views and dialogues where we use Text Edit - Number fields, and our users are used to navigating such solutions with their arrow keys, but in Appfarm this has a very different behaviour, as this results in the value of the field changing by adding or subtracting 1. It is also hard to notice such changes, so we have scenarios where unintended changes are persisted.

It would be great for us if we could disable this feature, and instead have the same functionality for Number and normal Text Edit fields (ie. move the cursor around in the field when using the arrow keys).

To illustrate, the price field here changes from 28534,22 to 28535,22 when I click the arrow up key:

After key press:



I’ve registered a challenge on this one! It would be a good feature to have on the Text Edit (when input mode is “Number”).

A possible workaround is to add Keyboard Event Handlers for “up” and “down” to the View/Dialog without any action (for catching the arrow up/down). Remember to tick “Enable On Form Fields”. Such as this:

Nice, is there a way for the action to set the next field in focus?


Not quite sure what you mean here. There should not be any action connected to these events. You may navigate to the next input field by using tab (browser default).

But in general, we have no built-in features in Actions to set focus on a given input field in the Appfarm UI. But it is probably possible using the Run Code action node somehow (i.e. using javascript to set focus og simulate “tab to next”).