Tips for building a navigation rail?

Instead of a drawer, we would like to use a navigation rail that can expand out into drawer size if needed. Has anyone done this before with Appfarm and could share any tips? I don’t see a standard UI component for this one yet.

We’re looking for pretty much exactly the same navigation rail that is used in Appfarm Create already:

I wish we could just add an option to the existing drawer to allow it to collapse into a rail instead of being hidding, and we would be good to go!

Hi Matt! There is no standard UI component for that yet, but I have registered a challenge on that. Until then, you can for example use two different drawers. You design one drawer as collapsed and the other drawer as expanded. You can add a button to change between collapsed and expanded. In my example I have set the collapsed drawer as main drawer in the app settings. Hope this workaround will help you :slight_smile:

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