Using external javascript libraries in Services

We need to run some statistical calculations in a Service and require a specific external JavaScript library (jStat). But when running the Service we receive the error “FunctionEvalError: jStat is not defined”.

The external library is loaded using the custom header tag section in Environment settings (see screen below). We’re not receiving any errors when running/testing the calculations using the jStat library in an app.

I’m only able to find documentation on how to load external libraries to be used in Apps. What is the recommended way to set up an external library so a Service can reach it?


Apps and Services run respectively on client and server. The external scripts added to Environment Config are only available on the client. We currently do not support external javascript libraries in Services. This requires another level of security measures, since it’s executed on the server.

However, I’ll register a challenge on that, since it would be very handy in some circumstances!

Thx, but lets say i want to do it client side… or in the action node Import data from file… How do I import it? #noob


You just add it in Environment Config → Custom Header Tags

This is adding tags to the Apps, allowing you to add script urls or add javascript code to be put in the header.