"Value on Create" for runtime properties doesn't apply

Hi Appfarm

i’m having a bug on a runtime properties.
seems like if i put for a boolean “Value on create” to TRUE. it makes no effect on my value either if it’s already there or just freshly created

(Undefined are my value returned from “Is Section Toggled

Here is my value

here is the result



Can you describe your setup in a bit more detail?

It’s also worth mentioning that this value will only be set when an object is first created. If you read an existing object into a runtime data source with a runtime property, the value “on create” doesn’t apply and it will display Undefined for a boolean value like your example.

Hey Isabel

Thank you for you answer. actually there is not that much of a setup to explain. it’s just a new app

i’m trying to do kind of an Accordion Container. i generally load my data and update that runtime property to true.

i tried both loading and creating data but still doesn’t work


I have also tried recreating this problem using what I believe is your exact setup and it works as expected for me. As you can see below, and as Isabel mentioned above, the runtime property is not assigned when reading from the database directly, but it is assigned when creating a new object directly in the runtime only data source. This is expected behaviour.

My runtime only data source:

The action nodes in Create:

The output in the app:

The runtime only data source contents:

If you create a new view, or try the same setup with a different object class, or create a new app, does the same problem occur?

A potential workaround is also to set the boolean value directly to “true” when creating an object in the runtime only data source.

Another workaround is to create an On App Load function and use a Foreach action node to go through all items in the runtime only data source and set the boolean toggle property to true directly, if all values are needed to be true on the initialization of the app.