Weeks generating wrong

I have a date dataset and a days dataset which are generated based on my project start date and end date. We have iterated and generated a calendar based on those weeks and days. We have a filter based on the week iso number and the year. the problem is when the calendar is generated some of the days get lost because of the filter.

in this picture (days dataset), there are days where the iso number is 1 and belongs to January 2019

in this picture (weeks dataset), you can see that there is no iso number 1 which belongs to January 2019
for this reason, date 1-6 gets lost because of using the filter. is there any way to resolve it?

Hi! I´m not quite sure what you mean with “date 1-6 gets lost because of using the filter”. Do you mean it gets lost in the days, weeks or date dataset? Can you send a screenshot of the filters you use? This would help to hopefully find a solution :slight_smile:

as i have used a filter on the days dataset, you can see that in the weeks dataset there is no instance of week number 1 month january year 2019. but there are 6 instances in the date data set with week number 1 month january year 2019. so if I filter by weeks and year day 1-6 gets lost in the calendar

this is the filter used on days dataset when I am iterating

When you have a calendar datasource with resolution based on weeks (as you have it in weeks dataset), you get one entry for each week and the day of month is always the weeks’ start date. So week number 1 starts on 31.12.2018 and therefore you have one entry with week number 1.

Hi Habib!

I believe this is by design.

The week 1 of 2019 starts 31.december 2018. So the first day of this week is 31.12.2018, having week number 1.

When we represent the row for “week”, we actually use the first day of the weeks as the information basis. As you see in your second screenshot of the weeks rows, the “week 1” starts at day 31 and year 2018. So the “Day of month (1-31)”, “Month Name”, “Month (1-12)” and the “Year” all point towards the first day of that week. If the year is incorrect and should be 2019 - that would not match the day or month and month… So in this case, I believe what you are after is another “Year” property which represents the “Week belongs to year”.