Accept files in the service POST endpoint of type multipart/form-data


I would like to implement a service to fetch incoming e-mails forwarded from Mailgun to Appfarm. Mailgun is forwarding an e-mail using POST with header Content-type: ‘multipart/form-data;’
I have no problems with parsing the e-mail subject, sender, e-mail body and mapping them to the data source.
But it seems that Appfarm is ignoring the attachments to the e-mail. I have mapped the body of the POST request from Mailgun to the string property to evaluate it, and there are no attachments.

Another issue is that it seems that it is not possible to map the data to the datasource of File Object Class, it is not active in the list of data sources for Body Data property of endpoint.

I would like to know if it is possible to implement it with Appfarm at all. I can do a workaround of writing a middleware script which will receive an incoming request from Mailgun, and then do the separate requests to Appfarm, one for the e-mail and another for attachments.

Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for your request. It is by now not supported, but I have registered a challenge on that :slight_smile: