Access view from other app

We want to control what views the user can see in the app from our admin app. However, we can’t find a way to access the views of the app in the admin app, is there any way to access this?

Hi! You could solve this by adding properties to the object class that holds the information about the user, for example “person”.

Since it is not possible to use the built-in object class “user”, you must create a new object class and link it with this class. If you are not familiar with this concept, we explain it in a video.

Then you add properties of type boolean that correspond to your different views to this object class “person”, for example “hasAccessToView1”, “hasAccessToView2”, “hasAccessToView3”. In your admin app, you build functionality to manage these settings, for example with a table. In your user app you define a visibility condition for each view by using the defined properties, for example, for “View 1”, a visibility condition “hasAccessToView1 = true”.

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Is the visibility condition any different from display=“none” in CSS? If so, would this solution be easy to hack for someone who has some experience with web tools?

If the condition evaluates to false, the component is completely removed from the DOM tree and it is not rendered at all. But all data that would have been displayed on what has visible false, is still available on the client.