Add feature to Hide UI components in Create according to their visibility settings when running the app

It would be nice if the editor could have an option to hide objects according to this visibility setting :

So if I have decided that a panel should not be visible on small screens, that panel would also be hidden when working in mobile view in Appfarm Create


Hi Lars,

In this case, would changing the Responsive Strategy of the App from “Mobile First” to “Desktop First” be a possible solution? Then, you could use the Display: None setting for Extra Small devices only, and the panel would not be visible in Appfarm Create when working on that screen size.

It is also possible to use a Visibility Group to show different “versions” of the panel which are visible for different screen sizes, which will make development easier from your side.

Otherwise, there is no way to hide the panel from view while working in Appfarm Create for only the screen size which is “first” in the Responsive Strategy order, as the screens after will inherit the display from the previous screen in the order. If the solutions mentoned above are not viable, then I can pass this on as a feature request to the Dev Team.


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Hi. I could have worked if I knew this three years ago. :slight_smile: Changing now will involve rewriting a lot of pages. I like taking the mobile-first approach, as it forces me to focus on the most important information first. Also, it’s the default surface for my users. It would be nice if this logic would work regardless of which approach I choose.

Hi again Lars,

One further suggestion:

  • Set the display settings of the panel to Display: None in the mobile view

  • Navigate to the next view in the responsive strategy (in this case Small devices) and choose the appropriate display setting (e.g. Flex)

Now, when developing in the mobile view, the panel is not visible, but when developing in other views, the panel becomes visible.


Why haven’t I thought of this before? It’s so incredibly simple! Thanks!