Clickable Visibility Icon next to the item in View

It would be awesome to be able to click the visibility icon next to the item in View to quickly hide or show the item, instead of having to go into Properties on the right and select false or true under Visible.


I’m a bit curious about the use case / need: Is it for hiding UI Components in Appfarm Create design-time, in other words, for you as a developer to hide something for convenience while setting up UI or to see how it looks when that UI Component is actually hidden?

Enabling the “Visible: true / false” options a right-click option or toggle from the tree view is a bit more challenging, since the main use of “Visible” is not to set it to true/false, but to have a (often complex) Condition or Function to define the rules of visibility.



Yes to the first paragraph; to hide something for convenience, for example if you are working with some layered content, it would be nice to be able to quickly hide/show the different containers as you edit. Either as a right-click or by clicking the eye icon to the right of the item.

Great, I’m registering a challenge on that one!

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