Small Bug on "In Menu" option in table

Hey Appfarm

Just a small bug in appfarm.

In the table, If you Click on this button (Wich is when you put “In menu” in you adornment ) in appfarm create, Appfram just crash

nothing dangerous but just wanted to mention it.


Hi @Yassine.tebib

Thank you for reporting this. I tried to replicate the issue using the “In menu” adornment, but everything functioned smoothly on my end. Could you clarify if this occurs across all of your tables? Also, could you specify the type of adornment you’ve included in the menu?

Looking forward to your response.

Here what i have in my adornments

Looks like when i remove “Delete” ( get it out of the menu ) , it works

We’ve successfully replicated and recorded the issue, identifying it as related to the Color property. Entering a value in the ‘Color’ field causes the Create function to crash when clicking the three dots in the table. Thank you again for reporting this!

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