Oh my, you just crashed Appfarm!


this happened in a solution we are working in. It is a reference to an action node that is seemingly deleted but still has a reference when trying to remove the enum value pair in the global datamodel.

This is the URL that fails:


Please send me a DM and we’ll inspect this one! Those types of errors/inconsistencies should not occur, and we’ll investigate what has happened.

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Bug located, challenge registered! Will let you know when it is fixed.


I had something similar happen when i tried uploading a Font, is this something we should report to AppFarm whenever it happens? (I just refreshed the page and it did not seem to have had any actual impediment to the app)

Hi! Next time you have an issue like this: if you open the console log on the browser immediately after you experience this, there is a log there (probably with errors) that might help us solve it!
So yes, report it if it is possible to reproduce, or if there is a log (screenshot will do)