Understanding errors and debugging

Hi everyone!

Many of you are familiar with our documentation, and most of you have probably tried to debug your App for errors using our Appfarm Developer Tool.

Our documentation is continously updated, and here’s a quick recap of some (potential) useful information regarding debugging!

Seeing a strange error message or warning in the log? Search our documentation for the error message, or head straight to our Warnings and errors page.

Want to go deeper with your debugging or performance analysis? Check our section on advanced debugging, and also our article on performance optimization.

Hi, I get this error message everytime I reload the app. I don’t understand what Action it is referring to as it seems to me that it is running everything it is suppose to before the error occurs in the log.

Any suggestions on how to proceed to figure this out?

Could you expand that error (or open the browser Console log to see if anything else is logged there)? Could it be an On App Loaded event handler (App Settings) or an On View Load (on the view initially displayed) that is connected to an action without any action nodes?

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You are correct again , there was an on view action that I forgot existed :slight_smile: Thanks!

I would suggest that the error message refers to the action that was empty

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