All icons offset after page load

I am experiencing a weird layout issue that i haven’t seen before. In one of our pages/larger views all of the icons are being offset a few pixels (3-4) after the page has loaded. It is only the icons that move, not text or any other components. The page has a lot of icons in different containers and view containers (nav-bar, header etc.), so it seems strange the something could affect all of the icons at once without affecting nearby components. Any tips or similar experiences?:slight_smile:
It only occur in this one view so it’s most likely something that’s done wrong in create, but i can not seem to figure it out

Hi Tobias! You’re right, this does sound strange. Can you notice anything unusual happening to your styles when you inspect the icon and refresh? You have probably checked but I have to ask, could there be any conditional styles, or actions firing on view load on this specific view? Any information on how your view and icons are set up would be useful so I can try to recreate the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! The issue was connected to a coded component for PDF-generating, where a stylesheet was imported for icons. The stylesheet was connecting to material-design, the same that appfarm uses :smile:
All of the icon’s style was then overridden since it got linked to this stylesheet.
It was not in use so we are good!