Appfarm changing IP

Hi, is it possible that an environment in Appfarm changes IP address so that another system that have whitelisted the “previous” IP now does not connect? We have a wierd case where neither party has done nothing and it stopped working. :sweat_smile:

Hey @Sondre, checkout this topic and let us know if it solves your issue :slight_smile:

You can also read more about using static IP in our docs.

That is allready ticked. So that has not changed. Have asked if it whitelisted though!

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You hava a small “gap” in your suggested similar posts, might be worth tweeking:

Hey @Sondre, I cannot seem to be able to reproduce it: only your topic gets suggested when I type what you’ve typed in both cases. I tried to add tags and make some tweaks around suggested topics to improve the search but it doesn’t seem to have done much.

Do you have any other improvement suggestions?

I dont know how it is built now but this has happened before, where the suggestions don’t contain a very relevant other posts. So I think tweeking the action would save you some time :slight_smile:

In this case I would suggest to maybe read 2 other post based solely on the header and then populate the remaining spots from description or current solution? I imagine that would provide more accurate results.

We are using Discourse’s default functionality, so unless we decide to build our own plugin at some point, I guess we’ll need to live with its limitations :wink: Hopefully this gets better as we get more content in Community :crossed_fingers:

Ah ok, i thought u where using a Read To :slight_smile:

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