Are there any plans of implementing support for the "local first" approach in Appfarm?

I really like the philosophy behind the local first approach : Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud
where you could allow for more complex apps to live in a mixed online offline environment and where the technology take care of the sync once online.
For my domain (construction) we often find ourselves in environments where internet connection drops. I know there are ways to work with Appfarm using offline, but it currently seems limited compared to the ideas presented in the local-fist paper. How do you guys think about the future of offline/mixed environment for Appfarm apps? It could be very useful for some types of apps working with large amount of local data and with less need to be continuously connected to a central server.


We currently do not have any large initiatives on the roadmap related to local-first / offline capabilities. Many of these principles may already be implemented in some way using the current offline capabilities.

If specific functionality or building blocks are currently missing, or that will make the setup easier, we are open to suggestions!