Is it possible to dowload a file from my app, edit it locally and then the changes are automatically uploaded


I have an app where the user can upload files (word, excel, PDFs etc), and as of now the user have to download the app, edit it and then upload it again and then delete the old file. Is it possible for the user to download the file, edit it locally (in Word for example), click the save button locally, and the file is automatically updated in Appfarm (i.e. the user do not have to upload the new version)? :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible!

If you integrate with Office 365 (Microsoft Graph API), you can create a Sharepoint environment to upload and edit files through the API.

In Appfarm you can access the files through a Web Request and then store the URL to the file in a Data Source. Opening the URL will take you to Office Online and any changes will be updated automatically in Sharepoint.

Hope that helps!