More advanced Document library and collaboration on shared documents

We’re looking for a solution for collaboration on Documents on the Appfarm platform, or a possibility to integrate with other collaborations platforms as Sharepoint etc.

Needed functionality:

  • Use word templates (autofill information of customer data stored in Appfarm
  • Create folders
  • Create and update and store documents without download, save locally and upload documents
  • Several persons work on the same document simultaneously
  • Possible to restrict access to documents and folders


I do not have the solution, but this definetly involves integration with a third-party!

Please suggest integration tools, we need this in our ongoing project


This community is for (free) Appfarm platform support for the developers, and for asking other Appfarm developers for help.

It is not to be confused with the dedicated customer support from a project team (those responsible for the end-customer solution) :wink: