DMS in appfarm (Document Management System)

Hey guys, is it possible to implement a DMS(Document Management System) like SharePoint or onedrive using appfarm? The client basically wants a folder system to manage files or to manage archived stuff.

I know it is possible to categorize the files and show them based on the selected category. But is there any other way we can do it>?

Hi, and thanks for reaching out to the community!
This is possible, and I think one of the first things you should consider is wether there is a requirement to be able to edit, collaborate in real-time and save the files directly in the browser. If this is the case, I would use the previously mentioned Graph API to fetch the files into runtime datasources. If there is only a need to store, categorise, view and download files, this is not necessary.

Depending on how complex the structure needs to be, it can be built by adding an object class for the folders and sub folders, and connect them to each other/the files by using references. As an example, a file object can reference a subfolder [file.folder], the subfolder can reference a parent folder [folder.parentFolder.folder] and so on.

I hope this answers your question. If not, please elaborate on your case and we’ll figure it out! :slight_smile:

just a question, in the case you mentioned using [file.folder] don’t we have to specify the depth of the folders? for example, we have to specify [file.parentFolder] > [file.childFolder]> [file.grandChildFolder] and so on and so forth right?

It will probably depend on the specific case in matter, but it could be solved by having a property [folder.parent] that references to their parent folder.
I found an example schema from

Then you can sort out the UI based on the parent folder in context.
I hope this makes sense?

Just adding this relavant article in case you are not aware: you may choose iteration variant “Recursive Tree” on an iterating container. Example exists i Showroom as well. Se more info (and link to Showroom) here.