Assigned people on orders don't show up on other orders


so we’re trying to implement a list on individual orders where people can assign themselves to specific orders.

We have two lists. Let’s call them LEFT LIST and RIGHT LIST. The LEFT LIST returns data from a general employee-object, the RIGHT LIST returns data from an object that connects employeeID with orderID

We want the people that have been assigned to an order to show up in the RIGHT LIST on that order. Everyone else shows up in the LEFT LIST on that order. So far so good.

The problem, for us however, is that when a person is assigned to an order and thus being shown in the RIGHT LIST, they no longer show up in the LEFT LIST on ANY order at all.

Does anyone here have a good solution for this? Any tips?

Hi Mikael,

Thank you for posting to our Community.

When a person is assigned to an order, it sounds to me like there is a data source update which removes that user from LEFT LIST. This is most likely caused by some client-side filters in LEFT LIST which may remove a user once they have been assigned to any order.

Would you be able to share the filtering for LEFT LIST and RIGHT LIST here, for us to suggest a possible different approach?

Many thanks