Subscribe to updates bug? (updated fields are not sent to other clients)

We have seen two issues related to subscribe to update functionality.

Case 1
We have a datasource Players that are sorted on Score.
When the score is updated by another client, the datasource are not sorted again accordingly, so the sorting differs between the client that updated the data (has the correct sorting) but the other clients see that the sorting is not updated although the new data came in. If the client reloads, the data source is sorted again.

Is this expected behavior, or a bug?

Case 1 is using the staging env for create btw.

Case 2
We saw in a different project that new records in a pretty big datasource did not come in to other clients, even if subscribe to updates was enabled. To see the new entries the other client had to reload. The strange thing is that it seems to work in many cases, but not in all. Are there any limitations or known issues on this?



There are no known issues or bugs related to subscribe to updates. If it is in Dev environment, the live-update feature may cause hickups.

It is widely used, so based on the information provided, it sounds like the issue lies somewhere else, or some specific setup that causes misbehaviour (prevously unencountered by others).

I suggest inspecting the log what happens on client A when client B does updates to the “subscribe to updates” data. You may also use the advanced logging for this.

Hi, Lars@appfarm has reproduced this and confirmed it, its more a bug in the sort datasource than subscribe to updates-bug perhaps.
The issue is that the data source is not sorted again when variables change even if the change is synced to the client. Workaround is to trigger an action in the client that uses the sort action, that will work.

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I can confirm the behavior described in the previous posts. However, this is not a bug but rather an intentional design choice. The sorting on the data source serves as the initial sort. Objects moving around when editing or when others are editing may seem like a nice feature but can be disruptive. This is why sorting is an explicit action that can be applied to a datasource. Also, it may slow down the clients’ performance.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. In that case I suggest that Appfarm clarifies this in the documentation, since the wording there suggests the opposite (automatically sorted - should be changed to “sorted on datasource load” or similar).

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 09.53.23

I also dont understand what is meant by the Notice, it must be possible to load the datasource (Sorted), add or change objects and then use the action node (sort objects) to sort it again after altering data?