Live data update in tables, not stable

We have a table with some datapoints that are updated live as a statuscreen. But for some users it suddently stops updating and they have to refresh their browser, so this seems very unstable/unreliable.

All relevant datasources are set to subscribe to updates so I don’t think there is any issues in the app that is built, and it was not a problem for any users earlier.

Hi! Do the affected users have anything in common or is it random? Are always the same users affected? How many entries does the datasource have you display? Has anything been changed since the problem occurred? Is it maybe possible to provide screenshots of the logs? :slight_smile:

Don’t see any connection between users - but it seems even more general. Sometimes with my user now I don’t see new applications that are loaded into the system, and then I have to refresh everything to make it appear.

The datasources vary abit, some of them have 3-4.000 in it, others have 100 - 500.

Which logs are you thinking about? Logs from the dev console?

I have seen that we have registered a challenge on your case. Our developers are already working on improving the functionality of subscribe to updates. It is expected to be released later this fall.

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