Oobs! Something went wrong

Hey, we get a Oobs! Something went wrong when we had 2 datasources and went down to 1 source. So we swapped a table source and a read to runtime from object in context. I believe that one of those is the root cause. I will send app client state of the app.

Edit: It seems to be a navigation issue in stead, in the view “Jobs Available” and the table on click Nav action that navigates to a view that recently changed the view URL.

Edit 2: I have tried rebuilding the table, the action and copying the view in question and binding them together seperatly. It still dont fix the issue.


Assuming that the current state is equal to the second edit, does the problem occur on app load or when you click on something e.g. the table? And which Solution is this? If you’re able to locate the issue to e.g. a component or an action, please provide us with some screenshots so that we can take a closer look.

Sure, I have sent more details in DM :slight_smile: