Action Node failed: Update Object -> Error: Unable to find DataSource: FxxJlW

Hi, I am getting the above error message when trying to run a service. I have checked that the service account has the required permissions to update the data source. What other reasons could this error occur?

I managed to fix it. However, I still have a query that I would like to discuss.

We have two runtime data sources, we can call them object A and object B.

So I was iterating object A, and for each iteration, updating a property of object B with a property of object A. However, the problem was my assumption that this would work since for every iteration, one of object A would be in context.

The fix was to select the object A in context.

Would anyone be able to shed some light on this behaviour? :slight_smile:


That is not intended behaviour, but when trying to set up a similar case, it behaves as expected.

So, I believe we are seeing some kind of edge-case, where some other minor bug or timing-issue is causing these effects. It is very difficult to reproduce without knowing the exact case. But, if you are able to reproduce the case in Dev, you may DM me and I may take a look on the case.