Data is not updating properly

I am trying to implement functionality where I am trying to select the data I just created by checking set selecting box in create new object action node.
MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

But for some reason, it says it’s trying to select an object that doesn’t exist.

I have also checked the database and data does not show up before refreshing the view. I faced this problem yesterday as well while implementing another functionality. FYI I set the option for initially subscribe to update true for the data sources I mentioned above.

If you set this option to true, i think it will work?

it was set hehe, sorry should have mentioned it


Do you see any additional warning prior to your screenshot, saying “The created object does not match the filter of the Data Source it was created in”?

My guess is that the object is created, but the data source has a filter that makes to object disappear from the data source, and then - since the Create Object action node has “Set Selected” - it is unable to select the object since if does not exist in the Data Source.

I just checked and even though my filter is correct it’s showing that warning. just for context, I have a data source named ‘Person(this firm)’ and the filter is firm = person (me). when i am creating a new object in ‘Person(this firm)’ I made sure i am creating person object with firm = person (me)

A) Could you try to set up that action node again?
B) If still error: could you try to skip the “Set Selected” setting of Create Object, and run a Set Selection action node with selection “Last” to see that the recently created object (appearing last in the data source unless datasource is sorted)?

I also faced an issue where I was updating a status of an object in a view and the status was not updating in another view. Which I found very weird. Also, I’ve been working with set selection and subscribing to update for a while now and didn’t face these kinds of problems before until now