Cannot select "Selected"/"Not Selected" with exists in

This cannot be selected, it just defaults back to (all) on click outside, and click on it does nothing.

This should work like this:

Or this, which also works by clicking “selected”:

Seems like it breaks when the original ID is a reference (ordreVedlegg.ordre) and the object you want to use “exist in” on has a self reference (Ordre.ordreKreditert).

Hope that is understandable, this turned a bit meta :sweat_smile:

I reported the same a while ago Selecting Data Source in Filter not working but doesn’t seem to have been included in any updates since.

As this was kind of critical for us, we implemented a work around using an additional data source with the sole purpose of holding all “selected” objects and then referencing this data source in the filter using All. It isn’t perfect and involves som extra steps in the logic, but works for our purpose until it’s fixed.

Hope this might helps!

I remember reading that post now haha, it did not show up in suggested posts however :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, we did use that approach!
It seems like a quick fix, just lacking the “ID” from image 2 if the _id is a reference like in image 1. Then again it is rather niche with a workaround so I can understand why it is not on the top of the list.

Again thanks for the context and workaround :pray:

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