Selecting Data Source in Filter not working

We’re encountering a critical bug in our ‘Departments’ data source, specifically regarding its construction. Objects within this data source reference another object in the same source via a parent property. However, when applying filters to objects that reference ‘Departments’, we’re restricted to the ‘All’ option. Strangely, using the parent property grants full filter access, but this isn’t a feasible workaround in most scenarios.

Hi Kaspar

It is not usually recommended to refer to an object from the same datasource. One possible solution is to create a new object called “Parent Department” which can simulate a One-Many relationship between a Parent Department and a Child Department. You can then filter easily on the Parent Department object to find all children departments, for example.

Also, if the object self-reference is necessary, perhaps you can try using “EQUALS” instead of “EXISTS IN” to select one specific department? If this is an incorrect interpretation of your use case then please do explain further about your solution and your intended functionality.


Probably a bad explanation from my part. Let my try again. So the object itself is constructed in the data model with a property called ‘Parent’ which is referencing itself, making the parent/child relationship.
Inside our App Data/Service Data, we are also including other data sources (e.g., Employee) that contains a reference to a Department object.

When building logic we want to include, e.g., all Employees that has a Department reference that exists in Selected Department. But were not able to choose the Object Selection ‘Selected’, only the Object Selection ‘All’.

However, if we choose the Object Selection ‘Selected’ (as well as ‘Not Selected’ or ‘Filtered’) we are only able to get it as the right hand part of the filter if we select the Object Class Property ‘Parent’ - but this is not what we want. We want to use the filter with the Department’s Id.

Hope this clarifies

I understand what you mean now. This is not expected functionality, I will register it with the Appfarm development team. Thank you for submitting this bug.


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Great, thanks!

Any idea when this will get fixed?
We’ve done a workaround by adding a new datasource that imitates the idea of selected objects through the use of a read action (read from other). But this consumes unnecessary resources - especially when used in Services.

We are not able to provide accurate dates for future bug fixes and releases, due to an everchanging backlog of tasks and features and bugs. Release notes are provided with each new release, which can provide information on which bugs and features have been solved/improved.

I understand that this current workaround is not ideal for efficiency or resource consumption but I am glad that a solution has been found in the meantime.

Hi again,
I just noticed that the data source with the issue now has the possibility to select the ID property and thus allowing to choose other Object Selection types then All.

Thanks for fixing this so quickly!

So apparently the issue isn’t fixed after all. Using the filter on two datasources of similar type (checking a Department datasource against a different Department datasource) allows for choosing the ID property but when using a datasource with a reference to the datasource you want to filter on (Employee with reference to Department), the ID property isn’t there :confused: