Data source inherited client filters


Im trying to filter several data sources based on one source. I.E. if a user is not a superuser they should only see the projects that they have access to. This in turn should filter other sources and only load those sources that is on their project. But it seems like the other sources are not re-filtered after the client filter is applied on the top level. My workaround now is to create a client filter on each of the other sources that is basically the same as the datasource filter to trigger the filtering:
Is this a know bug? Let me know if you need more help to reproduce

Hi Lars,

Thank you for submitting to our community. This is an example of server-side or client-side filters. You have said that you are using client-side filters, when this use-case is better solved by server-side filters.

One possible solution to your problem could be to firstly select all projects that the user should have access to using the Set Selection action node. Now, for all other object filters, you can use a server-side filter (marked as Filter in your screenshot above) and to set it up similarly to the below screenshot (using the EXISTS IN->DataSource.Selected filter parameters:

This method will only load objects into the system if they are linked to a project that the user has permission to see. Selecting and unselecting projects will cause new objects to be loaded into the related data sources.

You can read more about filters in our docs here.