Automatic log out

Hello Appfarm,

Is there any integrated way of forcing a log out of the application if a user have been inactive for a specific amount of time?

Hi Erlend! You can define an absolute timeout in the Environments settings. You can find more information about that in our documentation: Environments - Appfarm Documentation

Hi! I see that the Environment Config → Renewal Timeout may be set to e.g. a minute. However, these settings are used to control time timeframe between accessing/loading the App (refresh, opening in a new window). Setting the Renewal Timeout to 1 minute, you will be logged out if you do not refresh the app within a minute - this timer does not “reset” every time you click somewhere inside your app.

So, I believe we do not have a built-in consept for such “inactivity counter”, I’ll register a challenge on this.

I believe it may be solved by adding a javascript to the App Settings (resetting some variable everytime the mouse is used for example), and adding a Timer to the App Settings, checking this variable every minute, and e.g. opening a notification dialog if the timeout has exceeded.

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