Badge showing when 0?


According to the help text, the Badge on a Icon button should be hidden when 0 or blank. But in my app it is still showing when value is 0 or empty string. Is this a bug ?


Hi Preben,

There is a known bug where data bound values are not showing as expected in the Badge. This is known for the built-in Object Count property, and may be true for your custom “Comment Count” property too. We are working on a fix for this.

In the meantime, for the Icon Button component, a simple workaround is to use a function to return the length of the datasource, for example using Posts.length. Here the badge will behave as expected.

Please note that returning a string value “0” will cause the badge to show, the numerical value of 0 or an empty string must be returned for the badge to disappear.


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